Centra 2.99.0

Released on 6 of April

🥝 New Features

  • Integration API updates:
    • Added support for filter campaigns from ProductVariant (Read)
    • We now expose Order Internal Comment (Read)
    • Added modified date (updatedAt) to Order (Read)
    • Added linkedQuantity and unlinkedQuantity to PurchaseOrderLine and PurchaseOrderDeliveryLine (Read)
  • Canonical Category added to Displays. A Canonical Category is the "main category" of a product Display. You can use the Canonical Category to send information to feeds like Google and Facebook, as well as the Shop API, Checkout API and Integration API to enhance your SEO performance. It's also possible to both export and import the Canonical Category for product Displays

🐛 Bugs

  • Fixed the issue with totals for ex VAT on Order Summary and Transaction report for Retail
  • Fixed the tax update issue on Invoices
  • Our tax engine now properly calculates the Shipping cost on orders with 100% discount for order items
  • The ElasticSearch issue of missing Shipments in Centra's shipment view is now fixed

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