Centra 2.99.0

Released on 6 of April

ūü•Ě New Features

  • Integration API updates:
    • Added support for¬†filter campaigns from ProductVariant (Read)
    • We¬†now expose Order Internal Comment (Read)
    • Added modified date (updatedAt) to Order (Read)
    • Added linkedQuantity and unlinkedQuantity to PurchaseOrderLine and PurchaseOrderDeliveryLine (Read)
  • Canonical Category added to Displays. A Canonical Category is the "main category" of a product Display. You can use the Canonical Category to send information¬†to feeds like Google and Facebook, as well as the¬†Shop API, Checkout API and Integration API to enhance your¬†SEO performance. It's also possible to both¬†export and import the Canonical Category¬†for product Displays

ūüźõ Bugs

  • Fixed the issue with¬†totals for ex VAT on Order Summary and Transaction report for Retail
  • Fixed the¬†tax update issue on Invoices
  • Our tax engine now properly calculates the Shipping cost on orders with 100% discount for order items
  • The ElasticSearch issue of missing Shipments in Centra's shipment view¬†is now fixed

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