Centra Showroom 1.104.0

Released on 3 of August

🥝 New Features

  • The drop-downs for 'delivery window' and '% based on' have been added to the selection overview pop-up
  • The selection overview functionality is now available to the user browsing in the Showroom via shared link
  • It's now possible to sort the selection overview table by column
  • Links in the product details modal can now be displayed in underline for better discoverability if you add a link to the product description
  • Added pie chart in the selection overview

🐛 Fixed

  • The 'Clear' button in Filters is now aligned
  • Improved usability and responsiveness for users including:
    • Better presentation of long Filter names
    • Adjusted positioning and size of the 'Crop' overlay when text style editor is being used
    • Set logo size perameters to image defualt on 'Forgot Password' page
    • Made sure "Close modal" icon is visible when using a mobile screen
  • Resolved issue that caused the chosen selection perameters to be forgotten when users copied a 'Get a shareable link' URL in to the CMS page editor and published

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