Centra Showroom 1.106.0

Released on 6 of September

🥝 New Features

  • Added pie chart in the selection overview

🐛 Fixed

  • The selection overview functionality is now available to the user browsing in the Showroom via shared link
  • Fixed improper calculations in the selection overview for some category combinations
  • Fixed the menu toggle that was displayed when there were no items in the menu
  • Prevented the Showroom to crash when browsing on product images
  • Fixed the initial state of the settings page
  • Fixed the Lookbook so it's opening directly from URL
  • Allow removing products that are out of stock from the selection
  • Improved the image gallery layout
  • Layout improvements to the market information in the CMS 
  • Fixed unnecessary requests for fetching video thumbnails
  • Sorting now works correctly in the selection overview for all category combinations

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