Centra Showroom 1.102.0

Released on 28 of June

🥝 New Features

  • A yellow notification with information about cancelled products is now displayed in the top of the order summary
  • Product variants that have been cancelled are now displayed in the selection
  • Sale end dates are now displayed in delivery windows and the appearance of the data is now improved

🐛 Fixed

  • All product attributes are now visible on the product card
  • The issue with the Measurement chart not always being fully visible is now fixed
  • The 'Adding to selection' loading message is now visible again on product details page
  • The selection drop-down that was interfering with the product details pop-up is now fixed
  • The account drop-down icon in the top bar is now visible on mobile devices
  • The size table is now properly displayed on the product details page in the lookbook

♻️ Changed

  • We now display the brand logo on the main page

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