Centra 2.102.0

Released on 17 of May

ūü•Ě New Features

We’ve added more flexibility to our Tax rules making Country and State tax rules easier to combine and tailor to specific needs.

The update means users can:

  • Apply¬†State Tax¬†rates for individual states
    • Useful if you want to set separate tax rules for Northern Ireland versus the rest of the UK for example
  • Display¬†prices that include¬†State Tax¬†on both product pages and the checkout

We recommend a specific tax rules set up for our clients that:

  1. Need to be able to set one tax rate for Northern Ireland and one tax rule for the rest of the UK
  2. Use an order flow that means no information about which state a customer is browsing from is given until in the checkout

Set tax rules as follows:

  • First, Set a¬†Country Tax¬†rule that will apply to England, Scotland¬†and¬†Wales
  • Then set a separate¬†State Tax¬†rule for Northern Ireland

    Setting up tax rules this way will ensure that shoppers in Northern Ireland will see prices that include UK Country Tax until they are in the checkout. Once a customer adds a Northern Ireland address the State Tax rate you set up will be applied and the basket product/basket price will be updated.

ūüźõ Fixed

  • Added the possibility to update price on Shipments with bundles
    • Removed price editing for bundles in Expedite view
  • Dashboard numbers now match correctly when using bundles
  • The canonical category is now exposed in the Order API
  • You¬†now have the possibility to use restrictions in the payment plugins, particularly¬†when you use payment through other payment providers¬†like for example¬†'PayPal through Klarna'

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