How to create a Lookbook in Centra Showroom

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In the Centra Showroom, you are able to create a Lookbook for a selection of items that you could send out to your customers, for them to see the new Spring collection for example.

How to create a Lookbook in the Showroom

We might need to activate this function for you if you've never used it before. But if it's activated you should see a Lookbook option in the hamburger menu in the top left corner.

You will then enter a page where you have a history of all the lookbooks created. Here you can press “+” in the bottom right corner to create a new one. You then get a pop-up window where you can select Delivery Window, Market and type in an email address that it should be sent to, if you like. Then you click “Create Lookbook”.

You will then enter the actual Lookbook and see all the styles active for the Delwin and Market you selected. If you'd like to send this to other people you can copy the URL and forward it to people. They don’t need to have credentials to log in to your Showroom, it will be accessible to everyone that receives the URL link. It could look like this for example:

In the actual Lookbook you can click on each product, view more details such as SKU, description, size options and more product images related to that specific product. No prices will be shown in a Lookbook and no orders can be placed from this view or function.

You can also go back to the Lookbook History to click on the “document”-symbol to copy the URL link or click on the "trash bin"-symbol to delete the Lookbook. In this view, you can also see when the URL link was last visited and how many clicks it has had, under Visited Count.