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Unlike the search bar found on each specific page on the Listing panel, which returns search items specific to the page you are in, the global search is meant to direct you to a desired Centra section or item (specific product, stock, order etc.) with fewer clicks. On the right hand side of the search bar, an info icon provides how-to details. Additionally, command suggestions appear once you start typing in the Global search bar. You can either click on these suggestions with your mouse or use your keyboard to navigate through the options.

To access the Global search, either click on the search field on the navigation menu, or simply double tap one of the keyboard shortcuts below:

  • For Mac: Ctrl or Cmd
  • For Windows/Linux: Ctrl or Alt

There are 3 main ways to use Global search: 1) by navigation page, 2) by item/id, and 3) +create new. See more info below.

Global search by navigation page

In the Global search bar, you can type the name of the Centra page you would like to navigate to. So, for example, Reports, Products, Shipments etc. as seen below:

This functionality works on the following pages found in the navigation menu:

General Direct to Consumer Wholesale System Modules & Diagnostics
Dashboard Direct to Consumer > Sales > Orders Wholesale > Sales > Orders System > Stores Modules > Suppliers
Dashboard invoices Direct to Consumer > Sales > Overview Wholesale > Sales > Overview System > Languages Modules > Supplier > Supplier orders
Reports Direct to Consumer > Sales > Shipments Wholesale > Sales > Orders > Linesheet templates System > Translations Modules > Supplier > Supplier deliveries
Products Direct to Consumer > Sales > Returns Wholesale > Sales > Shipments System > Translations > Products Modules > Consignation
Stock Direct to Consumer > Sales > Invoices Wholesale > Sales > Returns System > Translations > Tags Modules > SOAP API
Bundles Direct to Consumer > Sales > Invoices > Document templates Wholesale > Sales > Invoices System > Translations > Statics Modules > SOAP API > Log
Displays Direct to Consumer > Sales > Subscriptions Wholesale > Sales > Invoices > Document templates System > Translations > Countries Modules > SOAP API > Queue
Size charts Direct to Consumer > Customers > Registered Wholesale > Sales > Invoices > Number series System > Translations > Attributes Modules > SOAP API > Conversion
Size localizations Direct to Consumer > Customers > Newsletter Wholesale > Accounts > Accounts System > Translations > Gift certificates Diagnostics > Debug log (Partner Administrator only)
Measurement charts Direct to Consumer > Promo > Campaigns Wholesale > Accounts > Import System > Translations > Categories Diagnostics > API log
Brands Direct to Consumer > Promo > Campaign sites Wholesale > Accounts > Newsletter System > Warehouse > Allocation rules
Collections Direct to Consumer > Promo > Vouchers Wholesale > Promo > Campaigns System > Users
Folders Direct to Consumer > Promo > Gift cert Wholesale > Promo > Vouchers System > API tokens
Attributes Direct to Consumer > Promo > Affiliates Wholesale > Setup > Markets System > Brick and mortars
General > Products > Import Direct to Consumer > Setup > Markets Wholesale > Setup > Markets > Multi view System > Warehouses
General > Attributes > Attribute types Direct to Consumer > Setup > Markets > Multi view Wholesale > Setup > Pricelists System > Tax Classes
General > Folders > Multi view Direct to Consumer > Setup > Pricelists Wholesale > Setup > Pricelists > Multi view System > Tax Groups
Direct to Consumer > Setup > Pricelists > Multi view Wholesale > Setup > Pricelists > Time-controlled price alternations System > Currencies
Direct to Consumer > Setup > Shipping Wholesale > Setup > Shipping System > Configuration > import
Direct to Consumer > Setup > Categories Wholesale > Setup > Delivery windows
Direct to Consumer > Setup > Categories > Multi view Wholesale > Setup > Categories
Direct to Consumer > Setup > Statics Wholesale > Setup > Categories > Multi view
Direct to Consumer > Setup > Subscription plans Wholesale > Setup > Terms
Wholesale > Setup > Statics
Wholesale > Setup > Size distributions

Global search by item/id

You can use an item name or an “id” parameter to go directly to a specific product, report, folder etc. For this to work, you need to input the right keyword before the word “id” to differentiate between the various sections of Centra. For example, "store id:1" could take you to the retail store in your Centra, whereas “product id:1” would take you to the product with id 1. No space is necessary after the colon symbol (:). Note that order or sku (product number) do not need the word id when searching, so you can search for order:123 or sku:2072S0F6-A09. Ids can be found in the url or under their respective column in the listing, as seen in the below example:

To find which parameters can be used to direct you to a particular id, you can type “id:” in the Global search.

Global search +Create new

You can also directly go to a '+Create new' Details panel of any item, by typing “new:” followed by the item you wish to create. So, for example, if you wish to create a new product, you can type “new:product”, as seen below:

Note that when you type “new:” in Global search, you will see all the available parameters you could use. We have also added this information in the table below for your convenience:

General Direct to Consumer Wholesale Settings & help
Reports Direct to consumer > Customers > Registered Wholesale > Accounts > Accounts System > Stores
Products Direct to consumer > Promo > Campaigns Wholesale > Promo > Campaigns System > Languages
Bundles Direct to consumer > Promo > Campaigns sites Wholesale > Promo > Vouchers System > Users
Size charts Direct to consumer > Promo > Vouchers Wholesale > Setup > Markets System > API Tokens
Size localizations Direct to consumer > Promo > Gift cert Wholesale > Setup > Pricelists System > Brick and mortars
Measurement charts Direct to consumer > Promo > Affiliates Wholesale > Setup > Shipping System > Warehouses
Brands Direct to consumer > Setup > Markets Wholesale > Setup > Delivery windows System > Tax Classes
Collections Direct to consumer > Setup > Pricelists Wholesale > Setup > Categories System > Tax Groups
Folders Direct to consumer > Setup > Shipping Wholesale > Setup > Categories > Multi view System > Currencies
Attributes Direct to consumer > Setup > Categories Wholesale > Setup > Terms
Direct to consumer > Setup > Categories > Multi view

It’s important to remember that each id is a unique identifier. You might be wondering then:

  • What if I use both Direct to consumer and Wholesale stores in my Centra instance, and I want to find a Wholesale market? Do I need to specify the store when searching “market id:x”?

The answer is yes. Despite the fact that ids do not repeat between stores, searching for Wholesale specific pages/items through Global search requires the addition of the word “wholesale”, whereas for Retail it does not. So, looking deeper into the aforementioned market example, when searching for a market in Retail or Wholesale, the following search terms should be used:

  • For Retail: “market id:1”
  • For Wholesale: “wholesale market id:2” This is the same for Centra instances that only have a Wholesale store.

Another point to remember is the Static, where ids are more complicated. So, unless you are using the Global search to get to 'Setup' > 'Static', we do not recommend using it to search for specific content within statics.

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