Searching in Centra

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In most of the places in Centra you, will find a search-field. Depending on where it is located, you can search for different criteria. Usually, the most common fields are searched through by just typing directly in the box. For example in 'Customers' / 'Accounts', you can just search for a piece of a name, but if you want to see customers created on a specific date or customers with a specific amount of placed orders, you need to use the Search Types explained below.

In this article, you will learn new ways to search more efficiently in Centra. You will also find a list of what you can search on for each section.

Searching in Centra

The parameters you are able to search by, are often the same name as the column header. If you want to be sure of the search parameter for a specific header, you can click on the header and the parameter's name will show up in the search-field.

When searching in Centra, you can combine multiple parameters to get more narrow results. For instance under 'Orders' in the DIRECT TO CONSUMER or _WHOLESALE you can search for country:”Sweden” payment:”Paypal” to see all orders from Sweden that has been paid with Paypal. You can even use the same search parameter multiple times. You can also use multiple values for one search parameter, for instance you can search for order:1111,2222,3333,4444 to find the orders with these order ID’s.

Centra also allows you to make inverted searches which returns results that don’t match the search query. For instance under 'Orders' in the DIRECT TO CONSUMER or _WHOLESALE you can search for unshipped:!0 to find all orders which don’t have 0 unshipped products, or in other words to find all orders that have unshipped products.

If a search returns 0 results, this might have to do with an incorrectly spelled search parameter. If an invalid search parameter has been used, the : between the parameter and the value will be removed. For instance, if you search for order:207755, the search result will show 0 matches and the : will be removed in the search-field as shown below since order is spelled incorrectly.

Search Types

  • Date

    The Date-type can be used to search for a specific date or intervals between dates. Dates use the format YYYYMMDD or YYMMDD, both formats work the same. If you want to search for orders that have been created, for instance, the 15th of April 2015, you can use created:20150415. If you, however, want to search for all orders created during April, you can use created:20150401-20150430. You can also make inverted searches with dates.

  • Value

    The Value-type is used when the search parameter takes a numeric value, for instance the total cost of an order or amount of products on an order. It’s possible to use both interval and inverted searches for this search type.

  • Text

    If the search parameter takes a Text-type, it’s generally a good idea to put the value inside “”. For instance, a customer search for customer:Firstname Lastname combined with another search parameter will most likely result in an error and return the wrong results. It’s therefore recommended to use customer:”Firstname Lastname” instead, as this will not cause problems if combining with other search parameters.

Using Text-type searches doesn’t require the result to be an exact match with whole sentences or words. For instance if you search for customer:fre, all customers with “fre” in their name will be returned as a result, like Fred or Alfredo.

  • Status

    Whenever there is a coloured box in a listing, that indicates the status for the object in the list. Each status have their own number that can be used as search values:

0 – Yellow / White

1 – Green

2 – Red

These statuses are also placed as selectors with a description of all statuses, which is placed above the search-field as seen below.

  • Yes / No

    Some search parameters just contain ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, which states if the search parameter is true or false. For instance under 'Orders' in the DIRECT TO CONSUMER or _WHOLESALE you can search for eu:yes, which will return all orders that are placed in European countries. Searching for eu:no will return all orders that are placed in non-European countries.

Search types per section

Below you will find a table with all parameters in the most common sections. The table includes a short description of each parameter, what type it is and examples of how a search parameter can be used. Some parameters are specific for Retail and Wholesale, so the parameters for each section are divided into Common attributes aswell as Retail / Wholesale specific.

General searching parameters

Description Search parameter Search type Example
Set amount of search
results per page
limit value limit:400

Sales / Orders

Specific attribute Description Search parameter Search type Example
Common attributes Order status status status status:1
Order ID order value order:123456
Order comment comment text comment:"wrong billing address"
Orders with products from a collection collection text collection:"171"
Order with products from a brand brand text brand:"Awesome Jeans"
Shipping method shipping text shipping:"UPS Standard"
Amount of unshipped products unshipped value unshipped:!0
Order waiting waiting yes / no waiting:yes
Order on hold hold yes / no hold: yes
Allocated products allocated value allocated:0
Amount of products on order pcs value pcs:1-5
Total order cost total value total:1500
Total order cost ex VAT totalex value total:1200
Internal order internal yes / no internal:yes
Payment type payment text payment:"Credit Card"
Market market text market:"Retail"
Warehouse warehouse text warehouse:"Default"
Pricelist pricelist text pricelist:"Retail - USD"
Currency currency text currency:"USD"
Store store text store:"Retail"
Order created created date created:20160101-20160130
Wholesale Specific Backorder backorder yes / no backorder:yes
Preorder preorder yes / no preorder:yes
Preferred shipping date ship date ship:20160505
Delivery window delwin text delwin:"AW16"
Order with demand demand value demand:!0

Sales / Shipments

Specific attribute Description Search parameter Search type Example
Common attributes Paid paid yes / no paid:yes
Good to go gtg yes / no gtg:no
Shipped shipped yes / no shipped:no
Shipment number shipment text shipment:123456-1
Shipment method shipping text shipping:"Postnord"
Shipment country country text country:"Sweden"
Shipment city city text city:"Stockholm"
Store store text store:"Retail"
Amount of invoices invoices value invoices:!0
Amount of products in shipment pcs value pcs:1-5
Total shipment cost ex VAT totalex value totalex:1200
Total shipment cost total value total:1500
Shipment created created date created:20160101-20160131
Shipment payment captured captured date captured:20160301
Retail specific Customer name name text name:"Firstname Lastname"
Wholesale specific Account name account text account:"Young & Skilled"
Account ID accountid value accountid:12345
Buyers name buyer text buyer:"Firstname Lastname"
Sales representative salesrep text salesrep:"Firstname Lastname #1"
po text

Catalog / Products

Specific attribute Description Search parameter Search type Example
Common attributes Brand brand text brand:"The Best Brand"
Product name product text product:"Super Nice Jeans"
SKU ku text sku:"12345-M"
Variant names variants text variants:"Burnt Red"
Amount of variants for product variant value variant:1-5
Media connected to product media value media:!0
Available stock for product stock value stock:0
Collection collection text collection:"117M"
Folder ID folderid value folder:17
Last modified modified date modified:20160101-20160130

Customers / Registered

Specific attribute Description Search parameter Search type Example
Common attributes Status status status status:1
Registered customer registered yes / no registered:yes
Customer name customer text customer:"Firstname Lastname"
City city text city:"Stockholm"
Country country text country:"Sweden"
Amount of orders orders value orders:!0
Last placed order lastorder date lastorder:20150915-20151225
Total value of orders placed total value total:5200
Store store text store:"Retail"
Created created date created:20150101-20151231

Search by attribute element

To search products by elements of attributes, you have to use the specific Search Key of the element. To find this Search Key follow the steps below:

  1. Go to 'More' of the general section in the main menu to the left and click 'Attributes'
  2. Find your attribute and open it in edit mode. Check (or add) a value in the text field to the right (Element value). Remember the name of this field (Element name). In the example below, Element names are "Color name", "Hex code" and the Element values are "Basic grey" and "#c4c4c4"
  3. From the attributes list view switch to 'Attribute types' view:
  4. Find the Element of your attribute, which you want to search for. The value in the last column is the Search Key
  5. Copy this Search Key
  6. Now go to the view, where you would like to perform the search (e.g. 'Products') and paste the Search Key into the search bar and the attribute Element value (from step 2) separated by colon. So in the example above if we were to search for all products with "Hex code #c4c4c4" we should type the following in the search bar __sh_swatch_color_hex:#c4c4c4__
  7. Hit 'Search' button or press 'Enter'

If attribute value consists of more than 1 word separated by a space this value should be in brackets in the search string. E.g. if the Element value (in step 2) would be Basic Grey, the search string will look like this: sh_swatch_color_text:”Basic Grey”