Getting started with your Centra

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This article will help you get started with your Centra system. It will explain how you import your products and media to the Catalog and in the attached excel document you can fill in all information required for an import to Centra.

Download the excel template from here. The first rows in the file briefly explain what should be filled in.

Preparing for import of Products and Accounts

The excel template is divided in three pages; Setup, Catalog, and Accounts.

Page 1 - Setup

The first page has 6 main columns:

  • Markets - To read more about Markets click here
  • Pricelists - To read more about Pricelists click here.
  • Delivery windows - To read more about Delivery Windows click here.
  • Size charts - To read more about Size Charts click here.
  • Shipping terms - To read more about terms click here.
  • Payment terms - To read more about terms click here.

You need to have this information to be able to set up your products and accounts. We will help set up this basic information for you once you fill in the information on the first page of the excel template.

Page 2 - Catalog

In the Catalog page, you fill in all product information in order to be able to import it into the system. To read more about how to import the file step by step, click here.

Page 3 - Accounts

In the Accounts page, you fill in all information about you accounts. The Account import works just as the product import and all fields are explained in the Excel template as well.

Importing media to the Catalog

When you import your media to the products it's crucial that you name them correctly in order to be able to connect them automatically to their products right through the import. To read about how to import the media step by step click here.

Once you've prepared all products, accounts, and media you're ready to import in order to go live with your system

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