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The Consignation Module

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 12:19PM CEST
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The Consignation modules enables you to handle you consignment clients efficiently. Basically by marking Accounts or Orders as "Ship to warehouse" you will transfer stock from your warehouse directly into the client's warehouse which will be set up under SYSTEM -> WAREHOUSES in Centra. 
These transfer orders will be marked as internal so you can easily exclude from the Dashboard and Reports.

Once you're about to invoice your consignment clients you'll just go to their warehouse, fill in the sold Qty's and create the invoice, Centra will automatically connect the invoice to the shipment(s) from which the products were originally sent.
To transfer stock:
To create a commission order, follow these steps:
1. Go to SYSTEM -> WAREHOUSES and create a new Warehouse for your commission customer.
2. Go into ACCOUNTS, choose an Account and create your order.
4. Then process the order as usual (Expedite / Good-to-go etc) and click 'EDIT SHIPMENT' and 'COMPLETE SHIPMENT' in the bottom-left corner.
5. Once the shipment is marked as Shipped (after 'COMPLETE SHIPMENT') you will have a new button in the bottom-right corner called 'ACCEPT SHIPMENT':
This button should be clicked only once the customer confirms that they've received their ordered goods.
6. Click 'ACCEPT SHIPMENT' and choose which warehouse the goods should be moved to. This action will move the stock from your warehouse to the customers consignation warehouse.
To invoice:
Follow these steps:
2. Choose the warehouse to consign and choose selection & pricelist.
3. Fill in the quantities you want to invoice in each size in the 'Input selection'-column. If you have done changes in the prices between the delivery and the invoicing of these pcs you can choose to invoice them in their current price list values by selecting the checkbox in the upper-right corner. Otherwise, they'll be invoiced for the same price they had when they were delivered.
4. Click 'CHECKOUT' in the upper-right corner.
5. In the next step you choose address, payment term etc and then you click 'CREATE INVOICE'.
Then you'll see on the invoice which orders/shipments it's connected to and you'll handle it as your other invoices in the system!

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