Edit stock in stock view

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This article will show how to edit stock levels using the Stock View. The main difference from using the Stock Editor for editing stock levels is that the Stock View allows you to set new levels by overriding the current numbers. This means that if you currently have 5 pcs in stock of a product but would like to change that to 8 pcs, you simply override the 5 with an 8 and the system will insert 3 additional pieces into stock. You may also add and/or edit your stock inventory in the Product view. To read about how to add/edit stock in the product view, click here

Add stock levels from the Stock View

To edit your stock inventory using the stock view, follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'CATALOG' under the general of the top menu.
  2. Click 'STOCK'
  3. Choose a product that you wish to edit. You may now open this product in two different ways. If you click 'Stock Editor' under 'Tools' a different pop-up window will open. (To read more about the Stock Editor and how to add/edit stock into the product view, click here)
  4. However, if you click anywhere on the product row or 'Open' under the tools menu, the product stock locations will unfold in the following manner:
  5. Editing stock levels in the Stock View is done using the principle of setting new stock levels. I.e. if your current stock level for a certain product is for example 7 pcs in size XS but you would like to change that level to 10 pcs, you simply do so by typing 10 in the XS field in the size chart located under 'Set new stock'. If you have multiple warehouses, these will be displayed and edited separately.
  6. If you set a new amount which increases the stock level, an input field will appear where you will set up the cost for the added pieces

Next steps

To view stock history of the product, click 'VIEW HISTORY' in the bottom-right corner To read more about stock history click here