Adding a bundle

Your Centra setup may not include bundle features. Please contact support for further information. Bundles will NOT work on products with multiple sizes.

Bundles is a feature in Centra which let you, as it sounds like, bundle products together in a non-physical manner. For example, let's say that you have a knitted hat and a scarf that you want to show in your store as a single product. In order to set this up, you need to create a product bundle and add the knitted hat and the scarf to the product bundle.

This is how it's done.

  2. Enter the product's details under General attributes, just like for any other product.
  3. Below what you normally see for General attributes, there are a few more options, titled as Bundle product. This is where the magic happens.

    There are a few things which needs to be explained, let's begin with price calculation.

    • Fixed – The product bundle will be displayed with the price you set in the Retail and/or Wholesale attribute. As it normally works.
    • Dynamic – The price you set on the product bundle will be combined with the price of the products within the bundle.

    Example: Knitted hat is 45 EUR, scarf is 75 EUR. Product total is 120 EUR. If you now enter a price of 10 EUR on the product bundle. The total price will amount to 130 EUR (or whichever currency you're using in your pricelists.)

    Measure Quantity

  4. There are some advanced things that can be done with measure quantity (depending on your front-end and integration). But in most cases, the only thing you need to take into account here, is that Min and Max should be the the total quantity of all products within the bundle.

    Let's take the knitted hat and scarf as an example again. If you want to sell a ”friend pack”, which includes two scarfs and two hats, min and max should be set to 4. This will be automatically filled in if you only have one of each product in the bundle.

  5. Adding products to the bundle

    Click the +PRODUCT button to start adding products, you can only add one at a time. Please note these products must have a singular size chart, for example “one size”.

  • When you've added your products to the bundle, you'll be presented with a list which looks like below. If you, like in earlier friend pack example, want to have two hats and two scarfs in the bundle. Just increase both the min quantity and max quantity to reflect your choice. I.e. two for min and max on the hat, and two for min and max on the scarf. Don't forget to update the measure quantity to four if you do this.

A variant is automatically created and you can add images to the bundle product, just like you would add it normally to any other product.

Make sure that the bundle isn't set to pre-order if you're going to use it for B2C. The stock value will be automatically calculated and updated when the products within the bundle have any kind of movement.

The last step in order to have a fully functional bundle product for sale is to add your displays to it. This is done just like for regular products. Read more about it here.