Sent Jan 5, 2018

Christmas Cleanup

Tomorrow the 6th of January is Trettondagen, thirteen days after Christmas. This is the time that you put away your trees and decorations and go back to a less festive life. We've already packed away ours and we found a little something under the tree. We found a present that we forgot to give.

We found a list of upcoming features. We're going to share a couple with you so you can join in on our excitement! These features are being worked on as we speak and it's our goal is to have these available by the end of Q1 (first quarter of the year). Are you excited?? Because we are!

  • Support for Transactional Emails with MailChimp.

  • Completely New Linesheets for the Showroom.

There are more but you don't have TOP SECRET clearance and if we told you... well, you know what would have to happen.

In Other News

For 2017's boxing day sales, Centra processed 17,174 orders and 22M SEK made its way through our platform! This is phenomenal work and we could not have done that without you all! So thank you!

Thanks for a great 2017! 2018 has just begun and it's going to be another strong year!