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2018-06-20 Issue No: 13

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The sprint has ended. You know the drill! For those of you who don't know what the drill is, read here. These releases will be deployed to your Demo environment today (Wednesday), then you'll perform tests and so will we, then next Monday the same releases and any additional bugfixes are deployed to your Live environment.

Once the releases are deployed to your Demo environment we have entered the "testing period". If we or you discover issues or bugs during this period on Demo we will fix them. By the time it comes to Monday any problems found should be fixed, meaning that your Live environments are as bug-free as possible.

It's super important for you to let us know if there is something fishy going on during the testing period and on Mondaysdeployment! Because, after all, we are only humans and can occasionally miss stuff. If a business critical bug occurs after Live deployment we will build a hotfix which is immediately delivered to your Live environment.

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Platform release notes.

Platform Release Notes


  • We have added Pick Up Point to shipping fields within the Silk API, this now allows third-party services to utilize the Pick Up Point address for shipping purposes.

  • We added the Force Hide Item(s) to the SYNC tab in the Fortnox module, it is now possible to bulk hide invoices instead of manually clicking hide on each invoice row.


  • We had an issue with Centra accepting Klarna orders that had been canceled. They had been canceled because prices sent to Klarna mismatched Centra. This is now resolved.

  • The Fortnox module was having issues with some country names which resulted in some sync issues. We now send country names that are compliant with Fortnox.

  • We made some improvements to the Order API so that image links are more easily generated.

  • There were some rare cases where customers could sign up to the newsletter without giving their consent. This is no longer an issue, now all customers must give their consent to sign up for newsletters.

  • There was a small error in filtering the wholesale order view. The price on proformas was being deducted which caused negative values to be displayed in the Remaining Ex VAT column. This is now resolved.

  • We made some improvements to the Order API on the product endpoint which will now try to always include information about product displays if there is any when you fetch inactive products.

  • There was a small error in XML files sent to Visma for prepayment invoices. We now ensure that the correct sign or character is sent with prepaid invoices so that Visma gets accurate information.

  • We have resolved some localization issues with the Facebook feed. The Get Locale from Country: Yes was not functioning in the right way.

  • Occasionally some Agent users that were logged into Centra were able to see other Agents and Sales Reps, we have now made sure that user types: Agents and Sales Reps can't see one another while logged into Centra.

  • There was an issue with allocating orders via the allocate pop up which made it possible to allocate too many products to orders. We now only allow to allocate quantities that are already on the order.

Showroom Release Notes

Showroom Release Notes


  • Delivery window dates are now displayed next to their name in the Create Order Sheet popup (this can be seen after your initial log in and when clicking the + on the order sheets view). These dates are also displayed on the Select Units page, this is to indicate to your customers when the products are expected to be delivered.

Issue 13 showroom release image (1).

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  • The My Account page has received a facelift so that the page fits the rest of the Showroom design. With these changes the Edit Password function was updated so that it was more user friendly - this also allows for more accurate error messages.

Issue 13 release image (3)

  • Sticky table headers have returned. This means that when looking at the Orders, Lookbooks and Account pages the header will remain at the top of the lists even as you scroll further down the page. This will allow for easier understanding of what column is what.


  • It used to be confusing to users that the Centra Showroom displayed incorrect or misleading error messages that indicated manual intervention was needed, but the Showroom was just loading data. Now when navigating between order sheets the Showroom will indicate that data is being loaded by displaying a loader icon instead of displaying invalid error messages.

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