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2018-03-28 Issue No: 7

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The sprint has ended! This sprint will be handled a little differently due to the Easter long weekend. Centra will deploy the releases to your Demo environment today (Wednesday) as usual where you will be able to perform tests (as will we) and then deploy the same releases and any additional bugfixes to your Live environment on Tuesday the 3rd of April instead of the usual Monday.

We recommend that you take the time to test the releases on the Demo environment as you would in any other sprint.

The releases this sprint will feature GDPR focused releases that will make Centra compliant with the EU's GDPR law. At some time after Easter, we will send out an email with detailed explanations of what the GDPR releases are and where you can see them.


See previous Release Notes

Platform release notes.

Platform Release Notes


  • We changed how we log thing in the API log.

  • The Link Logistics integration now has pickup point ID.

  • We added these new columns; shipping carrier, service, and account to the transaction report.


  • Updating customers in the customers view is now possible again.

  • Store ID search works properly in Elasticsearch filters.

  • ShopAPI GET request for markets did not work for Elasticsearch 5.

  • STW Accept emitted events that allowed accurate filtration in the shipments view.

Showroom Release Notes

Showroom Release Notes


  • There was an issue with wrong total price and unit count within orders with multiple delivery windows. This has been resolved and now accurately calculates units and total price.

  • The option to sort products by delivery window has been resolved, and you can now accurately group products by delivery window.

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