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The sprint has ended. You know the drill! For those of you who don't know what the drill is, read here. These releases will be deployed to your Demo environment today (Wednesday), then you'll perform tests and so will we, then next Monday the same releases and any additional bugfixes are deployed to your _Live environment.

Once the releases are deployed to your Demo environment we have entered the "testing period". If we or you discover issues or bugs during this period on Demo we will fix them. By the time it comes to Monday any problems found should be fixed, meaning that your Live environments are as bug-free as possible.

It's super important for you to let us know if there is something fishy going on during the testing period and on Mondays deployment! Because, after all, we are only humans and can occasionally miss stuff. If a business critical bug occurs after _Live_ deployment we will build a hotfix which is immediately delivered to your Live environment.___

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Platform release notes.

Platform Release Notes


  • We added a store setting that will allow orders to update a registered customer's information. The default setting is no.

  • Show product sizes that are in stock on linesheets.

  • Linesheet variables are now .env based.


  • There was a bug that caused some sizes to be hidden in the Showroom API, this is now resolved.

  • There were experiences with broken input forms on some UI size elements.

  • The customer/account filter cache did not update when orders came in, this caused differences between the order view and the customer/accounts view_. _The filter cache now updates both views accurately.

  • We made it so that ShopAPI does not send duplicate productID's when getting a category.

Showroom Release Notes

Showroom Release Notes


  • A settings page has been added to the showroom where it can be found in the menu. This allows you to edit company name, the background image, logos and allows you to enable or disable dark background overlay. Only Full Access Administrators are able to see this.

Showroom release note: explained


  • The product search field in the top bar has improved stylings for customers who do not have Elastic Search enabled.

  • There was an issue with products without variants that are in multiple delivery windows that were not correctly rendering table headers, this has now been resolved.

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