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Issue No: GDPR

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GDPR Release Information:

In the past two releases of the Centra Commerce Platform, we have launched new functionalities to make the platform compliant with the EU’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on May 25, 2018.

Please note that these updates only relate to data processed within the Centra Commerce Platform itself. To achieve GDPR compliance for your frontend website you need to work with your website development partner and legal support to identify and implement any necessary updates.

Here’s the list of updates released in the Centra Commerce Platform:

Delete personal data

  • This function should be used when a customer requests that their data should be deleted, or when you want to delete it for whatever other reason.

  • All personal data will be deleted. Orders and other historic records will be retained in an anonymized state in order to still provide information that may be useful or needed.

  • The action can be triggered via the “Anonymize Personal Data” button on a customer card in admin.

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  • The action also becomes available for any other systems you may have that integrate with Centra, through a new endpoint in our Order API

Customer consents registration

  • We have added support for registering any type of customer consent on a customer card, e.g. for direct marketing or similar.

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  • You will have to decide together with your legal support and website partner which consents your particular website should request from customers and store in Centra.

  • Consents can be registered with the following required fields: key (identifies the type of consent) and consented (yes/no).

  • Other optional fields to help categorize your consents are: name (supporting name description), text (e.g. the text a customer has constented too, or a link or reference to it), version (if you have versioning of consent texts), and language (if consents are tracked in multiple languages).

  • Consents can be added with the “+ Consent” button in admin, or more commonly from your website’s integration with Centra’s Shop or Checkout APIs, which have had their customer endpoints updated to support this.

  • Customers and consents can also be exported via the “Export” button in admin and then choosing “Consents list”. This may be useful in order to for example export customers that have consented to a certain type of marketing and feed into another system.

Centra Consents

  • Backend API integrations can now also work with customer data and consents via new endpoints in our Order API, e.g. to read which consents a customer has given.

Customer change log

  • We have extended the types of information shown in the history log on the customer card to also include all changes to customer data or consents.

Customer history updates

  • We have extended the types of information shown in the history log on the customer card to also include all changes to customer data or consents.

We will continue to add functionality over the next few weeks to the Centra Commerce Platform and Showroom to make GDPR compliance as easy as possible, for example a new function to export a customer’s data on request.

Finally, we’re also getting ready to share our updated Data Processor Agreement with you, which is needed for Centra’s continued processing of your customer data. Stay tuned!

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