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Young/Skilled February News: Is Your Website Encrypted? - Sent Feb 22, 2017

What does it mean to be safe?

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Security has always mattered, but now it needs to be a part of your online strategy from the start. You’re probably aware that HTTPS has been a standard part of checkout processes for a long time. But from January of this year, both Chrome and Safari will penalize websites who don’t use HTTPS across their websites. We wrote about it on our blog.

But while you need to stay safe in your code, maybe 2017 isn’t the time to play it safe creatively. It’s never been more important to let your customers and your market know that you stand for something, and you’re willing to act on it. Read our essay about what the fashion world can do, and in some cases, is already doing.

Who’s taking a stand today?

Our friends at Daisy Grace already show that they respect and value all bodies, but with their agency Perfect Day, sisters Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman are taking this further. They’re launching a new endeavor, Lily and Jack , a modeling agency that will help challenge the culture of thinness and whiteness that still dominates the fashion world.

It’s also something we see when sustainability is baked into a brand’s business. Houdini has added a “rent now” button to some of its items, with a focus on ski gear. For people who may only need a ski jacket for a week or two, this means great quality gear for less cash, no worries about storing bulky apparel, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Client kudos -- Odd Molly and Lexington

Best year ever! Our client Odd Molly had a record-smashing 2016, with sales -- especially in e-commerce -- up 23% over 2015. We’re so proud to be part of it all, and we’re excited about what 2017 will bring.

Congratulations to our clients Lexington and their partners at Boråstapeter for winning the Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award for their wallpapers. Another great award for a fantastic client.

Young/Skilled newsworthy

This week all the women of Young/Skilled and Centra, from both of our offices, were together in Wroclaw, Poland. To celebrate, we held an event for women in tech at our office in Wroclaw. E-commerce and marketing manager Agata Czapla spoke about how to be a hacker without knowing how to code, Centra engineering manager Nataliya Remez talked about continuous delivery, and our head of communications Jane Ruffino gave a talk about how to do content strategy when you have a team of one. You can see pictures on our Facebook page.

At Y/S and Centra, we’ve been doing more communicating-about-communicating, and we’re learning about how we can do it better. You can read an example on our blog about how we started trying to solve one problem, and found a deeper one that was a lot more interesting. And of course, like all the best solutions, it involved pizza.

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