Sent Sep 13, 2017

Release Notes September 13th - Sent Sep 13, 2017

Centra Releases

Today is the end of the sprint, and all of your demo environments will be updated with the new releases and updates. You will have 3 business days plus the weekend to test all the releases, updates and changes.
On Monday afternoon the new releases will be deployed into your live environments, so please make sure to test. _Don't worry! _We will be busy testing too.

If you experience any issues during the testing period please reach out to our support team for further investigation.


  • We have added Cision as a plugin. This means you are now able to set up what feeds should be imported to the CMS module from Cision as a plugin.
  • The ShopAPI now supports the setting same relation type for any variant within the same product. This means that you will now be able to see the same relation type in the retail and wholesale attributes.
  • The CheckoutAPI v3 a.k.a Glen now supports customer login, check out the docs here.
  • The email pop-up now shows our new Order Confirm e-mail. Now when you click SEND EMAIL the option to send an Order Confirm email will be available.
  • You can now add the option to select the product image size that is sent to Nosto.


  • Commission Reports included the Shipping Value within the Invoice Total Column, you will now export commission reports without the shipping value.

  • Google feed now shows multiple variants on the same display than previously only showing the first variation.

  • Before customers could attempt to change payment plugins at the checkout resulting in capture fails now customers will always receive the payment plugin they complete the checkout with on their order in Centra.

  • The Order Confirmation e-mail is now properly implemented. Note* We turned this off for all clients as the email this was changed a lot since first release. You will be able to edit the format of the email under STATIC and enable sending this email within the store settings.

  • Klarna Checkout v2 no longer calculates tax deduct and voucher values wrong, instead the checkout will update with any additional voucher added so that the purchase price is correct.

  • We have created a completely new flow in relation to product images, this means much faster imports and better thumbnail creation.

  • We improved our logic in relation to VAT, this means that orders that have multiple tax values for different product categories (food, books etc) will be handled better when using vouchers and shipping/handling costs.

  • Using Create Selection in Centra did no carry through delivery window specific discounts. Now it will.


  • The Accounts page has been added to the application, this allows the seller to display all the connected accounts from one company with their information, shipping addresses, invoicing address and buyers.

  • Filter settings (categories, stock and delwins) are now remembered when you navigate to the product details page and back to the products page. Now you don't have to set up all the filters again and can browse the products easily.


  • Previously the order selection pop-up failed to display orders on Firefox, now all order selection pop-ups are displayed.

  • The loading more products message on the product page is no longer hidden behind the bottom bar and is now animated with a spinner icon.

  • Can't see the log in fields? Well now you can as we've adjusted the contrast slightly for better visibility.

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