Sent Oct 25, 2017

Centra Releases

Another sprint has ended, and all of your demo environments will be updated with the new releases and updates. You will have 3 business days plus the weekend to test all the releases, updates and changes.
On Monday afternoon the new releases will be deployed into your live environments, so please make sure to test. _Don't worry! _We will be busy testing too.

If you experience any issues during the testing period please reach out to our support team for further investigation.


  • You can now set campaigns per variant, before you could only set it on the entire product.
  • There is a new Slack Webhook plugin, this will post info into slack when new orders arrive from your webshop (both retail and wholesale). You can install it by adding the plugin _Slack Webhook to your store and follow the guide. _

  • Shipwallet and Unifaun now work more cohesively by selecting Shipwallets preferred method when sending to Unifaun. Additionally Best shipping method was added to our Unifaun plugin.
  • All of our Klarna integrations now report VAT for shipping, handling and vouchers on multi-VAT orders, correctly splitting the values across the different VAT levels.
  • No more Flash! You no longer need to allow Flash in your browser to enable the + Multi Upload button.
  • We added some clarification on when auto stock exports are made, making it easier for you to know when the auto stock report was generated.


  • We fixed how plugins handle uploads, making sure that all files are correctly transferred to S3.
  • Sometimes orders made with Klarna Checkout were captured in Centra incorrectly, now we handle Klarna Checkout orders properly by ensuring that we always capture the correct amount and make sure that order is modified correctly in Klarna Checkout if it differs to Centra.
  • Using account, delwin, pricelist and campaign discounts with or without the sale-checkbox means that discounts and the Showroom will now be shown differently; A pricelist discount will modify the price without showing visible discount; campaign discount without sale ticked will do the same thing and account/delwin discount will be visible in the showroom but not showcase it as on sale as it previously has; and campaign discount with the sale option ticked will show that the product is on sale.


  • User type: Agent (and all other user types in Centra that have account access) now has the ability to C.R.U.D (create, read, update and delete) buyers on pre-existing accounts.


  • We changed the way that categories and other attributes within the filter panel, this makes the filter panel more evenly distributed.

  • We resolved some issues that you were experiencing with dropdown menu's so that the menu now closes when you click outside the field.

  • We no longer allow customers that are logged out to open the select order pop-up.

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