Sent Dec 12, 2015

Newsletter 02/12/2015 - Sent Dec 12, 2015

Hi All!

Just a few words from Young/Skilled:

  1. Since now, we support the latest version of Rulemailer (in Silk’s version 1.2.7+)

  2. Silk Knowledge Base - here you can find Silk’s Knowledge Base. It’s been continuously updating and developing. Hope you’ll find it useful! If there’s any topic you wish to be covered or updated there, let us know.

  3. When you are writing to us with a case connected to Silk, please make sure that you provide all the important info, for example customer or account ID, order number, when problems have been spotted, what was the payment method, which device and browser was used + attached screenshots etc.

With website issues - give us an example, a reproduction pace, a step-by-step guide. It will make the work much easier and faster for both you and us.

Always e-mail us at: - this will make sure that the right people can react as fast as possible.

  1. If there have been any organizational changes within your company, please let us know who your new Silk contact is, so that we can update our info accordingly. In fact, only SLA contact should contact us.

Let’s stay in touch!

Young/Skilled Team