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New! .Centra Processes - Sent Jun 21, 2017

New .centra Processes

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Our developers work on cycles that we call sprints, each sprint lasts two weeks. Going forward the .centra team has made some changes to how our customers will receive the fixes that we deploy.

You will receive our product updates first via your Demo environment. Any bug fixes, product developments or hotfixes will be sent to the Demo environment on Wednesday afternoon for you to test. Don't worry, we will also be testing everything. If you find anything problematic from a users point of view please send us an email explaining the problem so that we can investigate.

The following Monday the .centra team will deploy all changes to your Live environment. We will not be waiting for any confirmation from you. You'll have three full days of testing time, not including the weekend.

Every second week you will receive an email just like this one, these emails will contain a list of release notes. These release notes tell you what needs to be tested. Please see below for this spirnts release notes.

Release Notes

Feature Changes

  • Option to skip tax for shipping.
  • Delivery window sort order.
  • Linesheet export for multiple orders.
  • APSIS plugin small enchancements in product list.
  • Shipwallet plugin: Doorcode field has been added.


  • Enable KCO V3 for .centra native frontends.
  • Exporting of SALESBOOKS, no longer failing.
  • Fixed some SQL errors within the CMS module.
  • External invoice PDF attachments were fixed.
  • We resolved issues related to getCheckRequest with Abalon.

Showroom Releases: Added

  • Users will know if a product is unavailable. Within a family of variants, the ones that are available come first in the carousel.
  • Delivery windows can now be sorted.
  • Added In Stock/All filer in Products and updated design of filters bar.
  • When user goes offline, a notification is shown and the API interactions are frozen.
  • Application versionis now displayed on the home page. If corresponding API is versioned, is version is displayed next to it.

Showroom Releases: Fixed

  • Issues with the create order dropdown related to change of API format of delivery windows.
  • Improved scrolling for measurement table in 'Select Units'.

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Public Holiday Support Hours

On Friday June 25th 2017 the Stockholm office is closed for Midsommar. A public holiday in Sweden. This means that on Friday the 25th of June we will only handle business-critical issues. If you experience a business-critical problem, please call +46 850164922. *Note the new number.

  • Business Critical Issues are:
  • Webiste(s) down.
  • Problems with the checkout.
  • Customers not able to place orders.

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