Sent Nov 01,2013

Silk VMS v1.2.4 and v1.2.5

We've created articles in our Knowledge Base showing all the functionality added in the two latest version of Silk.

See below for a quick feature list:



  • Connect campaigns to multiple markets.
  • State taxes for the US and Canadian market.
  • Accounts can be connected to warehouse groups.
  • Accounts can be flagged as internal.
  • Cancelled products can be removed completely from stock.
  • Orders and shipment CSV exports are normalized.
  • Localization of Tags.
  • Improved delivery notes.
  • Collections can be inactivated.
  • Create shipments with a product filter.

New plugins

  • Order API for integration with shipping partners and others.
  • New shipment options.

New reports

  • CLTV - Customer lifetime value report.
  • Commission-to-pay report.

New Delivery window features

  • Selectable dates on delivery window
  • Create dynamic delivery windows
  • Create order on multiple delivery windows
  • Split orders by delivery windows
  • Update variation type for all items in a delivery window
  • Sales Limit on delivery window

New Wholesale features

  • Tier Pricing
  • Credit card payments, b2b
  • Address book for accounts
  • Payment terms

New CMS features

  • Connect articles to price lists and markets

    To read the full documentation of Silk VMS v1.2.4 click here. Your KB login is: *|KBUSER|* / *|KBPASS|*



  • Selling products through consignation
  • PDF invoices and orders attachments
  • Fixed price campaigns
  • Cancelation of warehouses
  • Set reminder titles on invoice and order documents

New wholesale features

  • Specify warehouse group while creating orders in Silk back-end
  • Create delivery windows that only pull from stock
  • Create delivery windows that only link to incoming stock
  • Sales stop date for delivery windows

New reports

  • Inventory by Warehouse Report

New Supplier Module features

  • ETD Date
  • Shipping and payment terms for suppliers and supplier’s orders
  • Currency per supplier

    To read the full documentation of Silk VMS v1.2.5 click here. Your KB login is: *|KBUSER|* / *|KBPASS|*

    If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at