Sent May 10, 2017

Centra’s Supplier Module has been updated

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This week we’re launching a new version of Centra’s Supplier Module. It’s important for you to read this if you’re using the Supplier Module within your company.

The main change is that it’s now possible to have a correct landed cost on your inventory in your system. These figures are calculated based on shipping, other costs, and if a product has any specific custom fees. In order to achieve this, your cost price (the price you pay to your supplier for your product), is now maintained from the supplier itself rather than on the products variant, as it previously was. The cost/pcs on variant level from now on will be your landed cost, if you choose to update your variant cost/pcs when you accept a delivery.

When a delivery is created you have the option to add its freight and other costs to it. The freight calculation for your landed cost will be based either on the product cost or its weight. If there’s no weight on the product, it will be based on cost. Custom fees are added to the supplier's product listing and will be taken into consideration for the final landed cost.

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