Sent Dec 6, 2017

Release Information

We have finished another two-week sprint! You know the drill. These releases will be deployed to your Demo environment today (Wednesday), then you perform tests and so will we, then next Monday the same releases and any additional bugfixes are deployed to your Live environment.

Once the releases are deployed to your Demo environment we have entered the "testing period". If we or you discover issues or bugs during this period on Demo we will fix them.

By the time it comes to Monday any problems found should be fixed meaning that yourLive environments are as bug-free as possible. It's super important for you to let us know if there is something fishy going on during the testing period and on Monday's deployment! Because, after all, we are only humans and can occasionally miss stuff.

If a business critical bug occurs after Live deployment we will build a hotfix which is immediately delivered to your Live environment.

Thank you for understanding!

  • Posting to checkout fields endpoint now triggers cart abandonment emails. This now makes it possible to trigger cart abandonment emails before the customer goes to the payment provider.
  • PayPal setup errors are now reported back via the API, this is applicable when havingOverride Shipping Address as yes.
  • Supplier Orders and Deliveries are now always a singular currency, It is no longer possible to choose the currency for shipping and other costs for deliveries. And, it's not possible to change the currency in the change price popup for the supplier order.
  • Our OrderAPI now supports updating serial numbered products when creating and updating shipments.
  • VAT Accounts now have transactional data in the SIEv2 export.
  • The Miinto brand feed did not want to output due to errors in Writer-class.
  • We resolved an issue with Order Books not exporting properly, we reconfigured the PDF generation library.
  • The M3 integration should now update Elasticsearch caches more reliably.
  • We now show an error for non-unique campaign uri's.
  • Corrected all spelling errors in the stock view.
  • The CMS module now supports SVG image uploads.

  • The Syncing loader has been added to the new Search overlay and appears when a user inputs units and the request is being sent to the database.

  • It is now possible to see order invoices in the order summary and also possible to download them in PDF format.

  • Clicking select units button in the search overlay now closes the overlay and takes the user to the units page properly.

  • Adding and removing products from the order by using the big blue checkbox has been fixed.

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