Sent Aug 16, 2017

Centra Release Notes - Sent Aug 16, 2017

Centra Releases

Today is the end of the sprint, and all of your demo environments will be updated with the new releases and updates. You will have 3 business days plus the weekend to test all the releases, updates and changes.
On Monday afternoon the new releases will be deployed into your live environments, so please make sure to test. _Don't worry! _We will be busy testing too.

If you experience any issues during the testing period please reach out to our support team for further investigation.


  • B2C PayPal: You now have the option to send the shipping address to PayPal for security/protection. If you would like to make use of this feature please reach out to our team.


  • Previously the supplier module linked products and cancelled customer orders, now the supplier module only links to active orders.
  • We now send any cart updates or changes to Klarna Checkout, this prevents customers from being able to purchase three products and only pay for one.
  • The final price and row total on delivery notes no longer show 0.00 values and are correctly calculated to reflect the order in Centra.
  • We have improved the detection of locale in the Google Merchant Feed v2.
  • Previously when trying to export a PDF of a supplier order in the supplier module the PDF would not export. Now a PDF will be exported when exporting a supplier order.


  • Order Sheet List: the table header will now stick to the viewport while scrolling down the page. On browsers that do not support this behaviour (e.g. Internet Explorer 11), it will stay the way it was.

  • Scroll position is now persisted. Up to this point, the page would be scrolled to the top each time the user navigates between different routes.


  • Table visibility button now has corrected z-index and is not visible over background overlay when application menu is open.

  • Product thumbnails are now correctly displayed. Before it was common to show a placeholder instead of a real photo of a product.

  • When lazy-loading products in lookbook, the application used to fetch the next 50 products but they weren’t related to the specific the delwin but to all products from Centra, now the loading of products in the lookbook is specific to delwin and market.

  • Price are now displayed consistently throughout the application (with two decimal places).

  • Sticky bar at the bottom will no longer cover the main content when browsing on Safari anymore.

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