Sent Mar 16, 2017

Centra updates

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New! Product walkthrough video

We’re expanding our collection of help videos, with a special focus on providing an extra walkthrough of some of the basic functions. We recently uploaded this video that shows you how to add a product in Centra.

New! Articles in the knowledge base

  1. Now it’s easier to understand the terminology around stock view. Find out more here.

  2. We’ve also added an article that will guide you through adding a bundle using Centra.

Product news: Expedite order popups are changing

We’ve updated the “expedite order” popups. The main benefit is that deliveries will now be connected to warehouses, and you’ll be able to see this in the Delivery View. It will make it easier to handle multi-warehouse orders logically.

  • Retail and wholesale popups are now identical
  • The default behavior is to expedite for one warehouse (it chooses the one with the most allocations)
  • It is possible to change to expedite for all warehouses, or to select certain warehouses
  • It is also possible to expedite products without them being connected to stock

Note that this doesn’t change the direct-to-shipment behavior, which will still create one delivery, no matter how many warehouses it’s connected to.

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