Sent Apr 06, 2017

Centra product updates

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The API log has moved

We’ve made a change to the location of the API log. This is for the API that sends data from Centra to the webshop on the frontend. It’s now moved from its previous location under the ‘System’ heading and is now on the bottom bar, as part of ‘Diagnostics’. We’ve also removed the API ‘Push now’ button because you no longer need to push manually. We’ve automated the process so that it pushes automatically every second.

This is what you’ll see in your system:

Improved cache

This isn’t a very new update, but we’ve made significant changes to how the cache works with webshops on the front end. Previously, when changes were made in Centra, it didn’t update the cache, so changes weren’t visible in the webshop. But now, thanks to automating the API push each second, they will be visible. We’re not completely finished with this update, but it’s changed enough that it’s worth treating it as a phase of improvement.

New in the knowledge base!

  • How to set up a tax group: Having correct tax groups is especially important when you sell outside the EU. This article should be useful if you’re about to start selling to a new market.

  • How to set up a DIBS FlexWin plugin: Recently we’ve had some questions about DIBS, so we wrote this article to help you ensure (or verify) that you have DIBS FlexWin payment methods set up correctly.

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