Sent Nov 29, 2016

Highlights from you, our customers

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We know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales aren’t something all retailers do, but among our customers who did participate, the results were so fantastic that we wanted to share four exciting highlights from across our client base.

The average increase in revenue across all of our clients who did offer Black Friday discounts was (are you ready for this?) 832%, compared with Black Friday 2015.

Conversion rate improvement over last year was more than 140% for everyone, but the average improvement was 260%.

Checkout page conversion was up by an average of 43%.

Huge congratulations to all of you!

Black Friday has only recently become a thing in Sweden, especially when it comes to eCommerce, so when we compare conversion rates over last year’s Black Friday, it’s not hugely significantly different from what, until a couple of years ago, we could just call “a Friday in November.”

And this is complicated business. For some retailers, opting out of Black Friday is not an option: the impact is too good to miss out on, and the sales increase lasts for days, even weeks after the discounts are gone. For others, it’s not what customers expect, and it’s not part of the overall business goal - for a few, it’s even anathema to their values.

We don’t mind giving ourselves a shameless Y/S plug when we say that we’re proud to work with clients based around their own goals, whether or not discounting is part of the sales process.

That said, we would love to have been the team behind the way niche game-maker Cards Against Humanity decided to mark the occasion - by digging a huge, meaningless hole in the ground (which still raised them $100,000).

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