Sent Jan 26, 2017

We’re ready for growth - yours and ours!

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What are your growth goals for 2017? Whether you’re a pure-play online retailer or a brand with physical stores, you already know that it’s vital to have a digitally transformed approach to reaching your customers. We know we’re biased, but we’re not sure it’s possible to grow (at least in a meaningful way) without a digital-first mindset. In the UK, for example, high street retailers are rushing to keep pace with online-only outlets like ASOS and Boohoo.

Growth is the goal, but it’s also important to think about how to handle the challenges it brings to your staffing, space, and servers. It’s not enough to grow fast, or just to grow big - you have to grow smart. Find out what our tech lead, Jan, has to say about how our team learned to increase capacity without spending more on servers.

In 2017 and beyond, e-commerce isn’t just about building a nicer web store, it’s about using your capacity for growth across all channels, online and off.

This brings us to a natural place to congratulate our sister company, Shipwallet who is working with Adlibris to change the way last-mile delivery works, from online checkout to your front door. Shipwallet has been working together with Adlibris for some time, but now we’re pleased to see that the team has them on board as investors and part-owners.

Houdini wins sustainability award

Our friends at Houdini have won the H&M and Elle Conscious Award for 2017. It’s becoming increasingly clear that sustainability isn’t just a nod toward environmental responsibility, but that business transformation in the 21st century needs to have sustainability - in a variety of forms - as a central concern. Congratulations to Houdini on this recognition of their pioneering approach - we’re proud to work with you.

Changes on our support team

We recently said goodbye to our customer success expert, Michael Enzell, whom you’ve probably spoken with if you’ve called for support help. And you may have spoken with Michael Power, our newest team member. When we asked him to tell us something about himself that we could share, he said that in addition to being Australian, cooks homemade gnocchi to perfection, and he considers himself a daredevil (without the suit).

He also has many years of experience in customer service, and we’re excited to have his knowledge and energy to our team.

Here’s Michael, with his dog Molly (and yes, he has brought her to meet us).