Billboards in B2B

Last updated August 20th at 8:46am

About this article

Billboards allow you to display different images as a banner in the Showroom. They are clickable and will redirect you to specific products.

Billboards do not work within the Centra Showroom, only users of the "Old" Showroom can utilize this functionality.

Creating a billboard

To create a billboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'BILLBOARDS' under 'PROMO' in the Retail section of the top menu
  2. Click '+BILLBOARD' in the upper-right corner and you will be redirected to this view:
  3. Enter the following information:

    • Status - Change the billboards status to 'Avtive' (green).
    • Position - Choose which position on the site this billboard should have.
    • Promotion name - Enter an internal name.
    • Alternative URI - This can be generated automatically.
    • Store - Select which stores you wish to use this billboard for.
    • Markets - Select which markets you wish to show this billboard for.
    • Pricelists - Select which pricelists that should be connected to this billboard.
    • Start- and Stop date - Enter the start- and stop date. You may put a start date in the future if you want it to activate itself at that date.
    • Click- and View Limit - Choose wether you want this billboard to have click- and/or view limits or not.
    • Locale-restricted - Choose which locales this billboard should be connected to.
  4. Click 'SAVE'