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Creating a Voucher in Retail

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2016 09:56AM CET

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A Voucher is a code which can be given out to customers. The customer can use the voucher code in the checkout to receive discounts, offers etc. The code can either be run by entering the code, automatically when the cart matches the criteria of the voucher, or through the URL. If the voucher is visible the customer will have to activate it manually by typing the code into the input field.

Creating a voucher

To create a Voucher in Retail, follow the steps below:

  • Click 'PROMO' in the Retail section of the top menu.
  • Click 'VOUCHERS'
  • Click '+VOUCHER' in the upper-right corner and you will be redirected to this view
Enter the following information:
  • Presets: Choose the general settings of the voucher
  • Voucher Name
  • Store - Select what store the Voucher should be connected to.
  • Max usage - enter how many times this Voucher may be used. If you choose 0, the voucher may be used an unlimited number of times.
  • Voucher code - A default code will appear automatically, but you may edit it as you like. However the new code should not be too easy to abuse.
  • Market - you can select the market where you wish to use the voucher 
  • Store - Choose wether it will be used on retail/wholesale
  • Combine with other vouchers - choose if this voucher can be mixed with other discounts
  • Reuse Value - select if the voucher can be used once or more times
  • Select the start and the stop date of the voucher (the default expiration date will be one year).

Voucher Criteria

Choose the voucher criteria that must be fulfilled. On the left, select the entry point(s), and on the right - results of that action. 

  • Selected product- Click 'add products' to select the products that will, if put in an order, give the price off, percent off, original percent off or fixed price. You decide on the amount.
  • Product total - the discount will be applied on the price of items
  • Order total - the discount will be applied on the whole order (products and shipping)
  • Shipping - The receiver of the voucher will get the shipping for free.
  • Free products- Select the product you want to be given as free, and choose the criteria for that (select the number of items, if the client can remove it and the product price)

  • Price off - The entered value of the voucher will be reduced from the price. This voucher does not affect the shipping cost.
  • Percent off - The receiver of the voucher will get the entered percent discounted of the total value of the purchase.
  • Fixed price - choose the new price for given items.
  • You can also choose whether the discount will be applied on the whole order, or order items.

Next action

You can stop creating in this place, or add the next action you want this voucher to do, for example it can result in a price reduction and free delivery. To do so, click on '+ADD ACTION' button and continue accordingly, adding the next functionality. 

At the end, remember to change the status into 'ACTIVE' in the Voucher Information section.

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