Creating a Pick & Pack Service Provider

About this article:

This article will teach you how to create a Pick & Pack user type in Centra so that warehouses can log in and export shipments.

What are Pick & Pack Service Provider users for?

Pick & Pack Service Providers are most often a warehouse(s) that have access to Centra to export shipments to pick and pack them and then ship them. They also might wish to control the stock on behalf of you. This user is not needed if you have a warehouse management system integrated.

Creating a Pick & Pack user in Centra

All user types need to be created by a full access administrator, if that is not you please seek out a full access admin internally.

  1. Go to the bottom menu and choose 'SYSTEM', then click on 'USERS'.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on '+USER'.
  3. Fill in the following required field:
    • Admin Name: The name of your Pick & Pack Service Provider
    • Email: This is what the Pick & Pack user receives emails from
    • Username: If given access, this will be what the user logs into Centra with
    • Password: This is what your Pick & Pack user will use to log in to Centrawith (you can choose the password or let Centra generate one for you)
    • Set the status to 'Active' (the green status icon)
  4. Define the user type under 'VISIBILITY ACCESS' as Pick & Pack Service Provider (the default options are stock, retail shipments and wholesale shipments. You can give more options by using command/control + click)
  5. Define whether the Pick & Pack user can receive order and shipping confirmations. Do this via the check box
  6. Define which markets the Pick & Pack user should have access to (this is good to use when you have multiple warehouses that service different markets)
  7. Click 'SAVE'

Pick & Pack Service Providers should not have account access rights or be listed as a sales rep. You can choose to do that if you wish but this is not something Centra recommends, in this case we suggest that you create a limited view or agent user in Centra instead.

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