Creating a 'Limited View' User

About this article

This article will teach you how to create a Limited View user type in Centra and give them limited rights to specific areas of Centra.

What are Limited View users for?

In Centra, you can add users with different level of the accessibility. One of them is Limited View User, so the one that has restricted access to particular parts of the platform. You can decide on what which parts are to be seen for him.

Creating a Limited View user in Centra

All user types need to be created by a full access administrator, if that is not you please seek out a full access admin internally.

  1. Go to the bottom menu and choose 'SYSTEM', then click on 'USERS'.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on '+USER'. You will be redirected to this view:

  3. Fill in the following required field
    • Admin Name: The name of your Limited View user
    • Email: This is what the Limited View user receives emails from and will be used to log in to the Centra Showroom
    • Username: If given access, this will be what the user logs into Centra with
    • Password: This is what your Limited View user will use to log in to Centra and the Centra Showroom with (you can choose the password or let Centra generate one for you)
    • Set the status to 'Active' (the green status icon)
  4. Define the user type under 'VISIBILITY ACCESS' as Limited View (the default is blank, you need to command/control + click the available options your Limited View user will have access to)
  5. Define whether the Limited View user can receive order and shipping confirmations. Do this via the check box
  6. Scroll down to the next section called 'USER ACCOUNT ACCESS'
  7. In the column called Account Access check in the accounts that the Limited View user will have access to. You can search for specific accounts or countries in the search bar
  8. Click 'SAVE'.