Connecting Centra with Afound

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  1. Create a separate market for Afound
  2. Setup Centra Connect plugin
  3. Map size charts
  4. Add Afound attributes to products
  5. Create campaign

Connecting Centra with Afound

  1. Create a separate market for Afound

    The first step to setup Afound for use in Centra is, to create a market to be used for Afound. The market is used to select which products you want to sell on Afound. It should be created without any geo-locations under 'SETUP' > 'MARKET' in Centra.

  2. Setup Centra Connect plugin

    In order to get certain new attributes needed for Afound, you’ll need to setup a Centra Connect plugin. Centra Connect is the name of the service running in the background and taking care of all products, orders, returns related to Afound. This will be done with the help of your Centra contact. Options in the plugin are for example which color you would like to send to Afound as your Brand Color. This will be explained more when we talk about your products.

  3. Map size charts

    When looking at a product in Centra, you’ll see a size chart on variant level, displaying its stock. However, in the background, this is several different products and this is also how it works in Afounds system Mirakl. The size chart and its sizes you have configured in Centra must be mapped to the sizes that are available in Mirakl. This is a one time job, as long as you don’t add any new size charts or sizes to an existing size chart.

    Go to 'CATALOG' > 'CHARTS' and select the size chart you need to map. See an example below for a One size size chart.

  4. Add Afound attributes to your products

    This is the biggest job for you. To get your products published on Afound, you’ll need to meet certain requirements.

    You need to add the following attributes to your products general attributes

    • Afound Gender
    • Afound Category
    • Afound Brand

    If you for some reason don’t feel ready to send your product over to Afound, you can just wait to fill out Afound Gender attribute for example. Because without it, the product will not be sent. Then you can add it at a later stage when you feel ready.

    If your brand isn’t listed, please let us know immediately

    You also need to add attributes to your products variant(s). This is where the Brand Color mentioned earlier comes in. You might already have a variant attribute called Color Swatch, to show colors in your storefront. The Afound Standard Color is still a required attribute.

    • Afound Standard Color - This color is used to filter colors by product in Afound (if you have your own color names i.e. “ruby red”, you’ll be able to display that under the product information)
    • Afound Material 1 - You need to define at least one material for your products. Pick from the list.
    • Afound Material Percentage - You also need type in the percentage of this material. One > should > equal 100.

    It’s also possible to add all of these attributes with a product import with the help of an Excel file, making it less of an effort.

    You’ll also need to select Afound in the market section on the display. Much like with your storefront, the display name of the product will be displayed in Afound. We will send the pictures in the order to Afound that they’re in the display. If you need to have separate images for Afound, you can achieve this by creating a new display, intended only for Afound.

    You can also add your products to the Afound market by going to 'SETUP' > 'MARKETS', select your Afound market and then add your products to the market from the list of products, by clicking 'EDIT'.

  5. Create campaign

    When all of the products are ready. It’s time to create a campaign with the products. This is the final step in order to get your products sent to Afound. Go to 'PROMO' > 'CAMPAIGNS'.

    Create a new campaign and name it to your liking.

    Ensure the campaign is available for the Afound market.

    When your campaign is saved, you’re able to add your products. This is where all your hard work comes to fruition; when you click edit products, the little popup listing the products will only contain all of the products you added to the Afound market. This makes it easy to just select everything and click 'OK'.

    When you set the campaign prices it’s important that you use Fixed prices and not a percentage, because that will not work with Afound.

When orders start to come in from Afound they will at first be on hold and have a comment like "Awaiting additional information from P12". At this point the order will have empty customer details, like address fields etc. This will be empty until Centra Connect confirms the order, then Afound will update the order and send all customer details. As soon as a shipment is created in Centra and marked complete the tracking number will be sent to Afound.

All confirmation emails from Afound orders, like order confirmation and shipping confirmation, will be sent from Afound and not from Centra.