Stock export

Stock Export

The best way to get at good export of your stock is to use the Stock export under Catalog > Stock

Click 'EXPORT' in the upper right corner:

Either you choose
Auto Exported: Centra will generate a file for you every day, mening you can go back in time and see your stock levels at any given time

If you want to get your auto exported file in an other format (following the options bellow) please contact our support.

Or you generate a new file and then you get the options bellow.

Collection: Choose all or a specific collection

Warehouse: Choose all or a specific warehouse

Export value: What kind of data you will get in the file.

Brand: Choose all or a specific brand

Include zero stock: If yes all products will be included, if no only products with a stock value will be included

Only active products: If yes only active products will be included.

One row per size: If yes you will get one size per row, hence making it possible to get EAN per row.

In the pop up you will get some options, make sure to choose the setting you want and click 'Select'

The COG in this report will be the weighted average from all historical deliveries (COG/pcs on the specific delivery * pcs left from that delivery).

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