Product status explanations

Product Status

This article will explain the difference between product statuses, shedding some light on needs for each one.

  • All: This selection will show all currently Active and Inactive products.
  • Active: Active products are marked green. Products that are currently viewable in your store and are buyable, if all other settings are done correctly.
  • Inactive: Inactive products are marked yellow. Inactive products are not currently viewable in your store. A product will have the Inactive status if you have just created the product or you wish to no longer have this product in your store, temporarily. This signifies that you may want to make these products Active soon.
  • Archived: Archived products are marked brown. Archived products are products that are present in all reports that you create within Centra. Archived products will also show up in vouchers that you create that are lifelong vouchers. These products are not for sale anymore and cannot be bought. Archived products are linked to all order histories.
  • Cancelled: Cancelled products are marked red. Cancelled products are products that will not show up in your store nor will they show up in any report. Cancelled products may be the result of an incorrect product setup.

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