Import and update stock

About this article

When doing stock imports, it is important to know where this stock will be added and why it should be added that way.

How to import stock levels

To do this you will need a CSV file that has these columns, this file needs to only have EAN and Quantity columns:

If you prefer not to use EAN, you can also make a list of SKU, Variant, Size and Quantity:

Once you have this file ready to go this is how you make a stock import for the needs that suit you best.

  1. Go to 'Products' in the main menu to the left, and click 'Import'

  2. It is especially important to select the correct Import Type: In this instance we are going to select 'Stock'

  3. Choose the correct CSV. file (Windows Comma Separated) UTF-8

  4. If you have multiple warehouses select the warehouse you wish to import to

    Only warehouses with "Stock master: Centra" will show up in the warehouse dropdown menu. This is set on warehouse level (System > Warehouses > Select a warehouse > Stock master setting)

  5. Stock Quantity:

    Update - Selecting this option will update both Physical and FTA stock values and may effect orders that are already linked to that product
    Add - This will only add stock quantities to the products that you import
    Physical - This will update the Physical stock values only and will not affect orders on this product

  6. Click Import directly.