Edit folders in multi view

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In the Folder multi-view you may easily add, edit and organize folders. Unlike the 'Folder view' which has a single-folder perspective, the multi-view shows how your folders relate to each other in a tree-organized structure.

Use the Folder multi view

To go to the folder multi-view follow the steps below:

  1. Under the 'More' tab in the main menu to the left go to Folders
  2. Click 'Multi view' in the upper-right corner and you will be redirected to this view:

This picture shows the grandparent folder ('DEDICATED'), the parent folders ('Accessories' and 'Beachwear') and children folders ('Cups', 'Tote Bags' or 'Bikini Tops').

Next Step

You may also add and edit folders in the folder view. To read more about the folder view, click here..

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