Release Notes Process

About this article

Centra sends out release notes every second Wednesday, this is because our Dev Team works in two-week sprints. Release Notes are for you to get important product information and updates for both the Centra platform and the Showroom.

How does it work?

  1. Every second Wednesday your Demo environment is updated to the newest possible version.
  2. Testing occurs by You and by the Centra team. This is where, if, there are any bugs reported from the release, our Dev Team will build a hotfix for them and immediately update all Demo environments. The test period is five days long, two of which land on the weekend. All this is done to ensure that your Live environment is as bug-free as possible.
  3. On Monday the week after Centra will deploy the release (along with any hotfixes that we have found during the testing period) to your Live environment.

    • This concludes how releases are handled within Centra and how your Live environment is up to date.

    Please note** In the event that you happen to a find and report a new bug in the Live environment of the Centra platform or the Showroom, our developers will work to develop a bugfix for that as soon as possible and if the need arises deploy the fix directly into your Live environment. You do not have to wait two weeks to see urgent bugs resolved.