Centra Showroom 1.15.0

Released on 17 of January

🥝 Added
  • Product filtering has now improved the design and it is possible to clear all the filters in one click.


♻️ Changed
  • The tooltip with information about new matrix functionality is not visible anymore (but the question mark icon with help modal is still there)
  • Buyer select dropdown performance has been improved.
  • Checkout view: products used to be presented as if they were included in all delivery windows associated with an order. If you apply additional delivery window restriction on a product level, it will be now respected.
  • When no company logo was provided, the company name will be used. If both have not been provided, a substitute will be displayed.
  • When creating a new order sheet if there is only one delivery window available it will be selected by default.
🐛 Fixed
  • New search used to incorrectly mark products as out of stock.
  • Problem with Create Order Sheet modal closing completely when clicking outside of delivery window dropdown with multiple options is now fixed.
  • Mobile Safari is now fully supported.