Centra Showroom 1.14.0

Released on 3 of January

🥝 Added
  • Multitenant support
  • Scroll position is now persisted across the pages.
  • Showroom now respects the option to turn off editing account data and buyers in account details, which is set up in Centra's showroom plugin settings.
  • New search is now lazy loading products from search results for improved user experience.
  • New search has improved user experience - the search section is now fixed and Select units button on a product row is more visible. Clicking on a product image or product name takes the user to product details page.
♻️ Changed
  • Checkout view: the table with invoices shows net prices (net total, net due) now.
  • Checkout summary with multiple delivery window setup: if a delivery window doesn't contain any products, it's not going to be displayed on the list.
🐛 Fixed
  • Fixed the typo in delivery windows filter.
  • Unused dependencies were removed.
  • Accessing a lookbook that has been deleted will not make the application freeze anymore.