Centra 2.42.0

Released on 19 of December

πŸ₯ New features
  • Add items endpoint to return all items of the products for this marke…
  • Cct 212 add sftp to strombergs integration
  • Added payment term, market and sales rep name to the invoiced report.
πŸ› Bugs
  • Transaction Report gave wrong item quantities, or missing order lines (got transferred onto another order's order lines)
  • Adyen integration: Send customer's gender to Adyen if we have it, for Klarna payments in Austria
  • Fix checkout race-condition
  • Navision XML export crashed if a pricelist had been deleted or invoice was not connected to a store
  • Hotfix: multi-field attributes for marketplace color
  • CMS image slots sometimes contained the wrong data in Shop API and Checkout API
  • Don't change the payment plugin on failure notifications
  • Hotfix v2 41 8 Adyen soap API client handle error
  • Hotfix: Localization for integrated front-ends stopped working
  • Remove saved value for first and last name
  • Supplier report products Left column now contains data again