Centra 2.39.0

Released on 7 of November

🥝 Features
  • Added an additional endpoint for updating customer information
  • Send EAN code for regular deliveries and both (EAN and SKU) for supplier deliveries
  • Age validation for KCOv3
  • Created an additional endpoint for logged in customer
🐛 Bugs
  • Add missing use, fixes backend create selection
  • Fix for refund function - refund total calculation
  • Fixed the issue with not being able to update fields with empty strings
  • Send free_shipping as a voucher to Ingrid if we have a free shipping discount on the basket
  • Use existing font for Japanese characters in PDF's
  • Hotfix: Always return all images in the Facebook feed
  • Hotfix: Proper array_map callback in ContentAPI
  • Hotfix: missing space in BasketItemRepository