Centra 2.38.0

Released on 24 of October

🥝 New features
  • Send additional/new fields to Ingrid after their API change
  • Additional fields in Checkout API customer registration
  • Additional data about logged in users in Checkout API
🐛 Fixed bugs
  • Hotfix: Checkout API language select was broken, placing an order as a logged in user did not connect the order to the user
  • Invoice PDF export would overwrite product names if it contained for example "size"
  • Fix for broken PDFs
  • Memnon integration: We did not send the mobile number to Memnon for text-notifications
  • Ordersheet export could fail with an error about a missing "coming soon" image
  • Handle exception on getting session towards ShipwalletAPI
  • Show Shipwallet data in delivery/order filter when using ShipwalletV2 and Elasticsearch
  • Consignation module: Stock numbers now include only active and inactive products
  • Packing List SKU as size-comment or variant-comment did not work