Centra 2.37.0

Released on 10 of October

🐛 Fixed bugs
  • Fortnox EN name for North Korea was wrong
  • Saving pricelist selection in the campaign does not work
  • Show correct accounts for shipping prepayment and voucher
  • Added an import statement
  • Cache images for the Instagram plugin
  • Hotfix: implicit conversion to string in Marketplace API
  • Inventory By Warehouse report cost/pcs, possible to choose average or variant
  • Hotfix: Bring back payment method data to Checkout API
  • Fix dupes of Instagram articles and patch to remove dupes
  • Fix ShopApi1 picked the wrong payment plugin when they differ only by language restriction
  • Fortnox country names bug
  • SOAP API did not find order item, and product import did not ignore blank elements
🥝 New Features
  • Issue warning when saving store form