Centra 2.33.0

Released on 15 of August

🐛 Fixed bugs
  • Rulemailer email prices for refunds now match the same format used by order
  • Afound order number on multi-delivery-note pdf
  • Hotfix: Paypal invoice payment did not work for partially paid invoices
  • Add another permanent error to email fallback. Small refactor
  • Unallocating stock will no longer unallocate shipped deliveries
  • Temporary workaround for duplicate products in the Showroom API
  • possible to search for categories in the product relation popup
  • Script provided by Centra in API could cause a javascript error
  • Hotfix: Fatal error in Api\Store, class AmsBasket not found, when running form the patcher
  • Marketplace background job was triggered again after had finished.