Centra 2.32.0

Released on 2 of August

🐛 Fixed bugs
  • Fix import of attributes on variant level
  • Hotfix: Showroom API product sort order was wrong
  • Fix send email to buyer and agent
  • Showroom API: Adding products to an order using search and filtering did not work with all attributes
  • Forgot to change Mailchimp to MailChimp
  • Hotfix: filter out marketplace stock events for warehouses that are not assigned to market
  • Fixed the MC subscribe to use the right class
  • Checkout API failed to load CMS articles when articles linked to more than 1024 products
  • Hotfix: Changed so you can complete, cancel and uncomplete a refund even if it has a credit note
🥝 New Features
  • MailChimp subscribe plugin