Centra 2.29.0

Released on 20 of June

🥝 Features
  • Pickup point added to shipping fields
🐛 Bugs
  • We had an issue with centra accepting Klarna orders that had been canceled due to mismatched price, this should now be solved.
  • Fortnox had issues with some country names, this is now resolved
  • Order API image links should now work a lot better
  • Customers could in rare cases be signed up for newsletter even if they did not consent.
  • Wholesale order filter Remaining value used to deduct for proformas which caused negative values, this is now fixed
  • Order API product endpoint should now always try to include info about displays
  • Filtering on brands in the showroom now works
  • Fixed issue with syncing prepaid invoices to Visma
  • Localize option for Facebook feed should now work
  • It is now possible to hide invoices from the Sync tab of the Fortnox module
  • In some places logged in agents could see all the other centra users, this should no longer be possible.
  • Fixed an issue with allocating orders via the allocate popup making it possible to allocate to many products.