Centra 2.23.0

Released on 28 of March

🥝 Features
  • We have changed how we do logging. The API log has improved.
  • Link Logistics integration: Added pickup point ID
  • Transactional report: Added shipping carrier, service, and account
  • GDPR: Order API endpoints to get customer data
  • GDPR: All personal data in centra can now be edited
  • GDPR: Order API endpoint to update customer data
  • GDPR: Order API endpoint to anonymize personal data, Anonymize personal data button on customer view
  • GDPR: Customer consents
  • GDPR: Checkout API: Added customer consents
  • GDPR: Subscription API: Added customer consents
  • GDPR: We keep track of the date for a customer's last activity
🐛 Bugs
  • Updating customers in the customer view did not work
  • Store ID search now works in ElasticSearch filters
  • Shop API GET markets did not work with ElasticSearch 5
  • STW Accept emits events
  • GDPR: Customer consents were not saved for Paypal and Klarna Checkout where we get the customers address after payment is completed.